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THE /whiteboard/ 

The /whiteboard/ launched in 2021 to call-in white women to be co-agitators and co-laborers in their spheres of influence to learn, unlearn, listen, and build intention around their contributions to the work of racial justice and racial equity. Rosa Rebellion has designed a virtual space that offers tools for disrupting the historic and contemporary performance of white-centric feminism and gender equity, that often ignores and erases the voices and labor of women of color.

This year’s cohort has equipped women working in highly visible spaces to create measurable impact and invest in elevating voices of color by ceding privilege, position and power to spur sustained racial justice. 

Our inaugural cohort includes committed voices working in leadership in the spheres of media, technology, sports, entertainment, health, law and faith.

Here’s a quick look at what our workshops looked like:


REBEL + REST is committed to helping restore the humanity, value and joy of Blackness that the world denies us through the lie of racism. We do this by creating carefully curated spaces that encourage Black social activists to rest, rejuvenate and restore.

REBEL+REST will create thoughtfully curated, all-expense paid retreats for social activists and advocates to rest, restore, rejuvenate and replenish. This curated experience provides space for intentional time to turn off, only take responsibility for yourself, exhale and commune with like minded people. We offer a balance between restorative programming, self guided therapeutic relief and ample down time.

Check out our brand deck to learn more. 

SXSW x RR Activation 2019 



Setting the Table for Inter-generational Discussion & Disruption for Women of Color 

Each generation, through its trials and triumphs provides a trove of lessons for the generations that follow them. We are creating a space to cultivate much needed, multi-generational dialogue that make connections between the lessons from the past and efforts to forge paths forward in the struggle for human rights for all.  As key disruptors in our recent history are living their 3rd act, it is important that they tell their own stories and that we learn from their wisdom, lessons and tactics. The fight for equity is endless, always requiring us to innovate and preserve simultaneously. We advance by building on the work of those who have gone before us and many of them are still among us to put us on game. 

The co-founders of Rosa Rebellion, Virginia Cumberbatch and Meagan Harding, serve as co-hosts along with Dr. Sylvia Rousseau to bring a dynamic, inter-generational conversation about creative activism to life, fueled by  stories of lived experiences from women we admire. 

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rsvp: a live chat series with Rosa Rebellion 

rsvp with Rosa Rebellion is a new series to nurture conversation, community and co-agitation. Pull up a seat to learn from leading voices disrupting spaces, dismantling systems and demanding sustained justice for women of color. We invite you to r.s.v.p - "respond if you please" - to amplify the voices of women of color.

Learn more about our live chat series.

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