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We've launched SEASON 2 of gen/activist! ✨

The co-founders of Rosa Rebellion, Virginia Cumberbatch and Meagan Harding, serve as co-hosts along with Dr. Sylvia Rousseau to bring a dynamic, inter-generational conversation about creative activism to life, fueled by  stories of lived experiences from women we admire.

Thank you for inviting us back into your virtual living room, we can't wait to show you what we've been up to. 

Listen to gen/activist Season 1 here

(illustration by Edith Valle)

Episode 4: driving diversity + curating co-agitation // bethaney wilkinson

Bethaney Wilkinson (@thediversitygap) is a researcher and social entrepreneur who is dedicated to exploring the intersections of community, racial justice, and social change. As part of her work in diversity and cultural change, Bethaney is also the host of the popular podcast, The Diversity Gap, and is the founder of The Diversity Gap Academy, an online learning platform for leaders seeking to pair their good intentions for diversity with true cultural change. She founded G.Race Dialogues, faith and community-based initiative designed to support individuals and organizations pursuing racial reconciliation. Bethaney expanded her research and broadened her reach after joining the team at Plywood People, a non-profit in Atlanta leading a community of startups doing good.

She chats with us about diversity and inclusion, her own journey to that space, and how co-agitators can disrupt inequitable systems & create sustained change.

Check out her new book "The Diversity Gap", a book for anyone who wants to increase the racial and ethnic diversity of their organizations, while also addressing the systemic cultural factors causing their diversity efforts to fail. You can buy it here: 

Episode 3: architecting + amplifying latinx voices // grace parra

Pull up a chair, pull up a chair! We’re back again this time with writer and producer Grace Janney Parra to talk about storytelling as a device of disruption and amplification, Latinx representation in the entertainment industry, and the need for more than one story to be told.

Grace is the creator, writer, and co-host of The Really Late Morning Show, a live comedy talk show in Hollywood featuring celebrity interviews, sketches, and musical guests. Parra is the writer and host of Grace Parra 360, a web series focused on political satire, and Parra of Your World, in which she humorously covers expos, conventions, and other events across the country. She is also a writer and producer of Hulu’s Solar Opposite. She is currently working on a comedy series about the Mexican-American family experience. We also take a look back on the #Oscars, the dangers of perpetuating a single story, and cinema as a reflection of who and what stories we value. 

Episode 2: making room + owning spaces // maya watson 

We took the show on the virtual road and recorded a super fun episode on Clubhouse with their head of global marketing, Maya Watson. Prior to Clubhouse, Maya served as an executive at Netflix, OWN Network and HARPO productions.

We chat about her upbringing and the importance of family, what she has experienced as a Black woman in tech and the need for disruption while helping to bring others into rooms that have traditionally been closed. We also chop it up about Justice Ketanji Jackson and watching her confirmation hearings. Maya is a dynamic voice who invited us into her virtual living room and we had the best time!

Episode 1: humor + healing // evelyn ngugi

For our premiere episode of Season 2, we are in conversation with everyone's favorite internet cousin, Evelyn Ngugi or EvelynFromTheInternets. She is a comedian, creative activist, and content creator. She has created some truly prolific and hilarious videos about Black culture, life as a creative, and much more. Evelyn has a unique and amazing way of acknowledging our struggles while still making space for our joy through her humor. 

For more information about Evelyn, you can find her on the web at @evelynfromtheinternets on all social media, including her YouTube channel

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